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MAPAQ exams

You’ll receive your MAPAQ certificate number within 24hrs after the exam.

Exams in Montreal
December 14 2019 – 8am
January 11 2020 – 8am
January 21 2020 – 2:30pm
January 25 2020 – 8am
February 8 2020 – 8am
more to come

Exams in Laval
February 13 2019 – 2:30pm

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For people over 50km from Montreal

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Mapaq certification

Mapaq Certification training

Mapaq Certification

Mapaq Certification

Mapaq certification trainings

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Food handler training online course mapaq food safety

Food handler training
MAPAQ certification

Online 6hrs course created by an approved MAPAQ trainer
with food establishment managing experience

Videos, audios and texts to learn efficiently.
Quizzes to prepare the 30 minutes MAPAQ exam.

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Subjects - Food Handler training
  • Microbiological, physical and chemical hazards associated with food hygiene and safety.
  • Food storage temperatures, food origins, food labelling.
  • Work methods that prevent food contamination.
  • General principles of hygiene for persons in contact with food or with material or equipment in contact with food.
  • Material and equipment cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting procedures.
  • Environmental sources of food contamination.


  1. Introduction and basic knowledge (2 lessons + 1 quiz)
  2. Microorganisms (2 lessons + 1 quiz)
  3. Identify the potentially hazardous foods (2 lessons + 1 quiz)
  4. Risk situations and critical points (1 lesson + 1 quiz)
  5. Critical point: Material (2 lessons + 1 quiz)
  6. Critical point: Method (3 lessons + 1 quiz)
  7. Critical point: Method, follow-up (1 lesson + 1 quiz)
  8. Critical point: Staff (2 lessons + 1 quiz)
  9. Critical point: Equipment and Environment (2 lessons + 1 quiz)
  10. Conclusion (2 lessons)


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