Food safety certificates – MAPAQ certification

Food Handler training or Food Establishment Manager training?

Mapaq Certification food handler food establishment manager

All food establishments need to certify a food establishment manager who must stay on-site during food preparations or certify a food establishment manager and 10% of the staff as food handlers or food establishment managers. With the 10% option, the certified staff doesn’t need to stay on-site during food preparations. If you create or buy a food establishment, you will need your food establishment manager certificate when applying for a business license or when renewing it.

Mapaq certification online courses hygiene and food safety trainings

Food handler

Aimed at persons who manipulate foods, such as:

  • cooks,
  • pastry cooks,
  • assistant cooks,
  • food service staff,
  • dishwashers,
  • maintenance workers,
  • grocery store employees,
  • people who apply for a hospital food service work.

The training lasts 6hrs, the MAPAQ exam 30 minutes.

Food Establishment Manager

Every food establishment must designate and certificate at least one food establishment manager.

The training lasts 12hrs, the MAPAQ exam 60 minutes.
Food establishment manager training includes the food handler training.

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